On-the-go Meal Experience

KitchenAid Brand Study

Research, Industrial Design, Form, Brand, Sketching, 3d modeling

While there are many on-campus restaurants, as students go through their college years, many start meal-prepping in order to save money as other expenses grow. This project aimed to facilitate this experience, and encourage students to start bringing their lunch to campus.

The brand that inspired the container designed is KitchenAid. They focus on enhancing the experience of their users in the kitchen, and through this project, the experience enhanced would be in eating. Through user research, a market and persona was attained, and I saw the opportunity to develop a product that would align with the needs and the brand.

Research and Persona

After interviewing and surveying student on campus, this was the persona/market that was realized:


Some of the takeaways after analyzing and researching the brand

Remake of kitchenaid Laura Rospigliosi (dragged) 3.jpg

Sketches and Ideations

After evaluating the persona and the brand this were some of the ideations created


After analyzing and working through all the ideations, there was a finalized product that applied the visual brand identity and its values, as well as meeting the needs of the persona.

Remake of kitchenaid Laura Rospigliosi (dragged) 5.jpg

Color & context